Full Mechanical

Sposaro Automotive has been providing regular services and repairs for customers for over nine years. We work from older cars through to luxury cars. We keep up to date with the new technologies within the automotive industry.

At Sposaro Automotive we specialise in servicing and maintaining all makes and models. Our approach to servicing is individualised to suit our customer’s needs. We will consult with you about repairs that need attending too. Often we will be able to recommend a multi staged approach e.g. attending to the most urgent immediately and schedule other repairs month by month; this way you can maintain your vehicle at its optimum performance while spreading your costs over a few months. We take the time to assess and diagnose your vehicle carefully; once we find the problem we will call you straight away and provide you with a quote to car out the work.

We do not do any work on your vehicle without your full written or verbal consent so when it comes time for you to pick up your vehicle there are no nasty surprises.

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