Steering & Suspension Service


Car pulling you in any direction but straight? Pot holes feel like canyons? Your suspension and steering needs some tender loving care.
The key role of well performing car suspension and steering is to provide stability, good handling and ultimately safety.

When driving your car is a better upper body workout than going to the gym or driving to work feels more like going for a four-wheel driving holiday through the Australian outback, it is time to book your vehicle in for a suspension and steering service.

A regular suspension and steering service will ensure the comfort and safety of your passengers.

The overall suspension and steering systems will be checked, the shock absorbers will be examined and replaced if required and a wheel alignment will be performed. All these activities will protect the longevity of your tyres and efficiency of your car.

We have highly trained mechanics who are familiar with all types of suspension systems. They can inspect, diagnose problems, discuss the repairs required with you and then fix your suspension system.

This might include repairing steering problems, flush and replacement of steering fluid, replacing shock absorbers and performing a wheel alignment.

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